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OBM Modifiye Sine Wawe Inverters

  • Reliable and Compact Design  
  • High Efficiency  
  • Low Voltage / High Voltage / Overload / Short  Circuit / High Temperature / Overcurrent Protections  
  • Reverse Polarity
  • Protection  Long Time
  • Working at Full Load  High
  • Efficiency with Smart Fan Feature  
  • Earth Leakage Protection


  • Full Sine Wave Inverter
  • Input / Output Fully Isolated Compatible with all difficult loads (TV, electric motor, refrigerator, drill …)
  • Low harmonic Distortion
  • Reliable and compact design
  • High efficiency Low voltage / high voltage / over current / short circuit / over temperature / overload protections
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Long time working at full load
  • High efficiency with smart fan feature
  • Earth leakage protection


  • Full Sinus Solar inverter
  •  Internal 50A Solar Regulator
  • Internal 25A Mains charge
  • Adjustable Priority Source from LCD
  • Intelligent battery charging feature for Optimized Battery performance
  • Charging current limitation for battery performance
  • Ability to operate from battery when mains and generator are not active
  • Over current and voltage protection,
  • Automatic connection automatically after overcurrent,
  •  Application-selectable charging current
  • High efficiency. Putting yourself to sleep when there is no load


  • Natural real sine output mains parelel inverter
  • Solar energy / Wind, battery (48DC), grid / Jen
  • Internal MPPT Solar battery charger (100VDC-500VDC)
  • Isolation between battery and inverter
  • Data recording up to 15 years
  • Remote monitoring and data logging
  • Remote monitoring and data logging
  • Standard RS-232 / USB port (ops. Modpus, SNMP, GPRS)
  • Redundant control with DSP Plus processor
  • High efficiency: Max 96% when working from solar panel
  • Max 96% on battery operation


  • Compatible with all 3 Phase Asynchronous motors  
  • Adjustable dynamic VI control with MPPT control algorithm, fast and effective operation  With Soft Start and adjustable frequency  
  • Fully automatic operation with Digital Control  Digital protection (Short circuit / Overload / Over Voltage / Low  Voltage / High temperature / Reverse Connection / Waterless operation etc.)  
  • High efficiency 98% with Intelligent Power Module (IPM)  
  • IP 65 protection class (-10 C ° / + 50C °)  Easy On / Off button  
  • Easy and clear menu with the help of LCD screen  
  • Remote monitoring and management with GPRS module (  OPTION)


  • Reliable solution with advanced DSP control technology
  • High efficiency up to 96%
  • Modular design for easy maintenance
  • Reliable design with industrial components
  • Multiple communication options
  • Data record up to 15 years IP 65 protection against open and harsh environmental conditions 5-year product warranty
  • Optional monitoring software

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