abax Ro-Dı Solar Panel Cleaning

Adsiz9In cleaning to maintain the performance of the Solar Panels, permanent and irreversible damage is given to the cleaning. The minerals in the cleaning materials, and the small pieces, will be able to draw the glass on the panellas. In nature, free water resources are high in lime ratios as they contain minerals in large quantities. Permanent damage can occur in the glass cleaned with these waters. In addition, solar panels need to be cleaned in certain periods depending on the pollution rates of the places where they are mounting.

  • Rising 30% performance with ideal cleaning
  • 100% eco-friendly
  • Cleaning without using chemicals
  • Addition water production capacity with double membrane
  • More water production capacity with extra pomp power
  • Long membrane life with High capacity double front Carbon Filter
  • Ideal cleaning with perfect filtration
  • Elimination of lime and minerals
  • Ideal water production with 12 bar water pressure
  • 10'' Big Blue 5 μm with Front Filter
  • Easy change to filter with special design
  • Very low Maintenance cost
  • 3Ease of use with 3 display
  • Abax RO-Dİ