abax SP 1000-100KT Solar pompa  inverteri 

Adsiz6 It can be used to draw water, carry water, or store it from underground or from lakes, rivers and similar sources using solar energy. A compact solution can be produced for industrial applications or larger-scale loads. The abax SP Solar Pump Inverter, which operates at high frequency, is a high efficiency compact and lightweight device.

  • Compatible with all 3-phase asynchronous motors
  • Adjustable dynamic with MPPT control algorithm
  • VI control, fast and efficient operation
  • Soft Start and adjustable frequency
  • Full automatic operation with Digital Control
  • Digital protection (Short circuit / Overload / Over Voltage / Low
  • Voltage / High temperature / Reverse connection / Waterless operation etc.)
  • High efficiency with Intelligent Power Module (IPM) 98%
  • IP 65 protection class (-10 ° C / + 50 ° C)
  • Easy On / Off button
  • Easy and clear menu with LCD screen
  • • Remote monitoring and management with GPRS module (OPTION)

Abax SP1000-100KT