Professional PV Panel Cleaning
8 August 2019 Comments Off on Professional PV Panel Cleaning Ürünler admin

YIELD: Up to 30% more energy production,
EASY ON THE ENVIRONMENT: Cleaning without using chemicals,
SAFE: Getting rid of irreversible mistakes,

Ultimate Reverse Osmos Filter Abax RO-DI

Up to 30% performance increase with ideal cleaning,
100% eco-friendly, Chemical-free cleaning
Easy to carry with its special design,
Additional water production capacity with double membrane,
More water fluidity with extra pump power,
Long membrane life with high capacity double front Carbon filter
Ideal cleaning with excellent filtration
Lime and mineral removal,
Low energy consumption with 0.75 kW motor power,
Ideal water production with 12 bar water pressure,
10 "Big Blue 5 µm with pre-filter,
Easy filter change with special design,
Very low maintenance costs,
Ease of use with 3 separate indicators,

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