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Tesla And His Vision

“After generations, our machines will operate with energy obtained from any point in the universe”

N. Tesla

While saying this, Tesla perhaps did not think that human beings could obtain energy from the sun even before a century passed, that machines in homes, motors in the fields, lamps in the streets would be operated with this energy, and that wind and other renewable resources such as the sun could be used as energy sources in such a short time. However, very soon after Tesla, human beings understood the value of electricity and therefore energy and again underwent rapid transformations in the light of Tesla

The concept of “Renewable Energy”, which is the main backbone of “Renewable Life” today, is the most important issue of human beings and the latest technology. The most real way to protect our nature, and consequently our world, and consequently our living life, is through the use of renewable energy resources in the most appropriate way, and thus through both the conscious and moral settlement of a sustainable environmental understanding.

As Pem Energy, we can proudly say that we carry out all our commercial activities, all our investments and all our R&D studies in this direction. We train all our human resources for a sustainable life. All of our potentials and customers are united in this common goal and we advise them on this issue. We are very happy to be a part of Tesla’s electricity, energy and life. As we have shown with the projects we have carried out in the country and around the world before, with all our assets, in the future; We would like to say with honor that we will work for the protection of human habitats and a sustainable environment, and that we will do all our plans on this occasion.

“When their natural predispositions turn into a strong desire, man moves towards his goal in winged boots.”
N. Tesla

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